Partner Education Program

Make your business with HansaWorld thrive from the very first days. HansaWorld provides an education program for newly signed up partners, that is focused on accelerating your start as HansaWorld's partner.

The training plan consist of carefully selected topics designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to start up and increase your sales, improve your customer service, successfully complete the even most challenging projects and many more.

You will gain access to a wealth of experience and knowledge while opening up exciting new opportunities for your business.

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Management, Sales, Consultants, HAL Programmers.




This course is the first step a newly recruited partner can take to start up and increase their business with HansaWorld. The course will provide you with a complete overview of HansaWorld the company, the products including pricing, licensing and enablers, product and project management as well as an overview of the basic modules and verticals. During the course we will share many insights into HansaWorld and our experience. Sessions like creating a Go To Market plan are adding the practical angle.


The below courses are meant for your sales people and will introduce into the process of an effective Sales and Marketing Strategy, from finding and generating the leads, the different tools of sales, including references and unique selling points (USPs), to quoting the lead.