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HansaWorld Webinars cover a multitude of topics presented to you by the company professionals to insure the most efficient remote transfer of knowledge from our specialists to our partners. Whether you download them for instant learning or to keep for your HansaWorld product reference, Webinars are great not only for learning the new features, but also to reinforce what you have already known.

Selling Standard ERP

Introduction to Partner Portal
(June 2020, 2 min)

Introduction to MyStandard website
(May 2021, 9 min)

How to use Contracts module in Standard ERP to track commissions
(April 2021, 4 min, 108 MB)

How to use HansaWorld Price List 2022- Standard ERP
(November 2021, 16 min, 332 MB)

How to use HansaWorld Price List - Cloud Hosting
(August 2019, 4 min, 285 MB)

Sales techniques
(January 2019, 5 min, 412 MB)

Presentation of Standard ERP when customer industry is unknown (first demo after the exhibition)
(May 2019, 50 min, 368 MB)

Presentation of Standard ERP POS Live sync
(July 2021, 20 min, 335 MB)

Common queries on Customer and Partner agreements
(August 2018, 11 min, 90 MB)

Presentation of
Presenter: Dace Kvalberga (external: CEO of Flex BI)
(March 2018, 51 min, 1,1 GB)

Product Training - Standard ERP

NOTE: all standard product trainings are available on Education Portal under Training Materials. There you can find both webinar video (if available) and PDF version of the material for each topic.

Basics of Rental module
Presenter: Dejan Rikič
(version 8.5, 16 min, 270 Mb)

Telephony in Standard ERP
Presenter: Simone Mosca & Ludvig A Norin
(version 8.5, 36 min, 562 Mb)

Production process in Standard ERP
Presenter: Dejan Rikič
(version 8.5, 13 min, 168 Mb)

SEPA Payments and Bank Reconciliation in Standard ERP
Presenter: Tomas Jacikevicius
(version 8.5, 20 min, 268 Mb)

Making Tax Digital
Presenter: Gabriella Robertson
(version 8.4, 6 min, 76 Mb)

Inter Company Module
Presenter: Maria Täht
(version 8.4, 25min, 355 Mb)

Base Currency Setting
Presenter: Reda Giliauske
(version 8.4, 27min, 216 Mb)

POS Module set up, Part 1 - 1hr, 781 MB
POS Module set up, Part 2 - 39 min, 510 MB
Presenter: Anabela Paulo
(version 8.4)

Stock Valuation Issues
Presenter: Agnieszka Klimkiewicz
(version 8.4, 1hr 8 min, 1.1 GB)

Tips in Accounting
Presenter: Reda Giliauske & Tomas Jacikevicius
(version 8.4, 44 min, 483 Mb)

Technical & Product Management

Development News, December 2020
Presenter: Kae Bohlin, Katrin Veskimäe, Simone Mosca, Dejan Rikič
(52 min, 302 Mb)

Development News, June 2020
Presenter: Dejan Rikič
(33 min, 503 Mb)

MyStandard Portal
Presenter: Pijus Juodis
(version 8.4, 39 min, 166 Mb)

HansaWorld web api and Oauth2 with standard-id
Presenter: Erik Elmgren & Kristaps Zogots
(version 8.4, 19 min, 166 Mb)

Business Communicator with Asterisk
Presenter: Kristaps Zogots
(version 8.4, 1 hr, 1,2 GB)

Admin of Standard ERP’s External e-mail in Linux Server
Presenter: Kristaps Zogots
(version 8.4, 39min, 616 Mb)

Linux Server Installation & Cloud Node
Presenter: Kristaps Zogots
(version 8.4, 59min, 861 Mb)

Cloud Node & MyStandard
Presenter: Elar Tammeraja
(version 8.4, 39min, 341 Mb)

OAuth2 authorization functionality
Presenter: Kristaps Zogots
(version 8.4, 31min, 321 Mb)

Rest API
Presenter: Erik Elmgren
(version 8.4, 31min, 325 Mb)

SQL shadowing - Product training in .mov format
Presenter: Sanjay Parbhoo, Liga Viskinte
(version 7.0, 1hr 15min, 105 MB)

Setting up External and Internal Email
Presenter: Jarkko Hakala
(version 7.2, 48min)

Writing Specifications
Presenter: Sanjay Parbhoo
(April 2014, 50min, 550 MB)

To HAL or not To HAL, and how/why to interface HansaWorld to external applications
Presenter: Erik Elmgren, Wilko Nienhaus
(October 2010, 54min, 162.2 MB)

Product Training - Standard Products

Standard Hotel Introduction
Presenter: Katrin Veskimäe
(version 8.4, 27 min, 170 Mb)

MyStandard Webpage in Standard Accounts - Tutorial
Presenter: Tutorial
(version 8.3, 6 min)

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