Sales & Marketing

Marketing Templates

The marketing templates below can be used to promote Standard ERP through email invitations, postcards, rollups and web banners.

You are able to add relevant information such as contact details, event information and your logo to all of the marketing materials.

The text fields that contain relevant event information can be edited. Your partner logo can also be added into the white boxes using Adobe.

If you do not have Adobe it can be downloaded here for free.

PDF Templates

Standard ERP Partner Marketing Pack

HW Partner - Banner
HW Partner - Postcard Invitation
HW Partner - Postcard
HW Partner - Poster
HW Partner - Web Banner 1
HW Partner - Web Banner 2
HW Partner - Web Banner 3
HW Partner Landing Page

Pages Templates

Roll-up template 1
Roll-up template 2
Roll-up template 3
Roll-up template 4
Poster template 1
Poster template 2
Poster template 3
Poster template 4

HTML Templates

HTML email invitation template 1
HTML email invitation template 2
HTML email invitation template 3


Background for Video Calls