Cloud Node with D4 errors in log
Sanjay Parbhoo
We have a cloud node instance where the service cannot start and there is a d4 error message in the log file. This suggests that the database has been damaged and needs to be recreated.

What is the procedure to resolve this?
Håvar Falck-Andersen
I have the same problem on a client (windows). How to restore the cloud node HDB ?
David Delač
Hello Sanjay,
Thank you for your enquiry. Have you tried exporting and importing back the same database? This usually works and in case it doesn't then I would suggest you to try importing latest backup.

Best Regards,
David D.
HansaWorld Sweden
Tomas J.
If a CN database is damaged, then an export/import can be done (only for advanced users who can recognize such issue)

Stop CN service

Go to CN directory and perform normal export/import
Start CN service

Manual steps to recover if D4 and backup can not be created

hansa-cloudnode --rawdata
hansa-cloudnode rawdata.txt
hansa-cloudnode --backup
hansa-cloudnode Backup\TB.TXT
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