How to recover from a failed CN
Paul Timms
We have had some issues with the cloud node, particularly on Windows servers, and would like some guidance on the following.

1. Cloud node update fails, cloud node is no longer able to run.

2. Cloud node database is damaged and is no longer able to run.

3. How to uninstall cloud node and then reinstall it.

4. How to temporarily run a customer's system outside of cloud node, while the problem with the cloud node is being fixed.

5. How to move a customer's system to another server, when they have their own cloud node (i.e. one to one).

6. How to move a customer's system to another server, when they are on a shared cloud node.
Tomas J.

1. CN update fails:

All following steps should be done in cloudnode folder:
1. Remove EnRetryNodeUpdate and DoAutUEn (if present)
2. Create a new folder newver.bk
3. move hansa-cloudnode(unix),hansa-cloudnode.exe(window),hob,updateclients to newver.bk
4. move all files from oldver folder to cloudnode folder
5. Start script (unix) or service (windows)

This will make the CN run on old version and CC will not try to update the CN again until we update CC again to a new version.

2.CN DB is damaged:

If a CN database is damaged, then an export/import can be done (only for advanced users who can recognize such issue)

Stop CN service
Go to CN directory and perform normal export/import
Start CN service

The manual steps to fix this problem with corrupted CN DB are:

hansa-cloudnode --rawdata
hansa-cloudnode rawdata.txt
hansa-cloudnode --backup
hansa-cloudnode Backup\TB.TXT

Then go to Windows "service manager" and make sure Standard Cloud Node startup type is set to "Automatic" and hit the Start button.

3. Not recommended, last resort.

Before removing any CN, you need to inform local Hansaworld office, so CN record is closed from our side, otherwise reinstalling CN will make more issues.

Windows servers:
1. Open Service Manager
2. Locate "Standard Cloud Node" service
3. Stop service. Disable it, that it doesn't start automatically.
4. Remove CN folder.
5. Reinstall

Linux servers:
1. Goto "cloudnode" directory
2. Rename CN folder
3. run command
4. Reinstall

4. Running system without CN:
Stop CN service on Win via service manager, on linux via ./
Start Serp server via command line ./StandardERPServer --port 1xxx

5. Moving server to diff location

- It is now possible to change server data from MyStandard. If you are an admin or if you have an on premise server.

For Linux and Mac:
Stop the server on MyStandard
Stop the CN
Move SERP server together with CN
Start the CN
Go to MyStandard

Use change server data button to change Data folder and ports
Start the server from MyStandard page

For Windows:
Stop the server on MyStandard
Stop the CN
Do the moving
Install CN service from cmd with “hansa-cloudnode.exe --install”. This will install service with name “Hansa Service” which needs to be set up as automatic.
Start the CN
Go to MyStandard
Use change server data button
Start the server from MyStandard page

6. Inform HW office, to close that record, install CN on that new shared cloud node, or a new one.

7. If you see server has a Configuration Error, the first thing to check is RawDataEn.TXT file in the Server folder.
If this file is present, then the Database crashed and started exporting data. As database crash is a serious issue, cloud controller doesn't allow to start the server until this issue is fixed. This can be fixed by removing the RawDataEn.TXT if you are sure that it was not serious and the database is in working state.
Paul Timms
Thanks Tomas. On Windows servers, in step 1, the oldver folder contains HansaWorld.EXE, so when copying this back to the cloudnode folder, it must then be renamed to hansa-cloudnode.exe before starting the service.
Swati D.
Hi Paul
Can I close this request?
Paul Timms
Yes please.
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