Cannot change/enter price in the invoice
Aldevinas Katkus
Operating system: Windows
Strange problem: It is not possible to change price in the sales invoice in one company. No access group is assigned to that global user.
Simply nothing happens when typing in the active field Unit Price.
Any ideas?
version: 2021-11-02
Aldevinas Katkus
Solved: Someone has turned ON CheckBox "Register Sales in Fiscal Control Unit" even though the payment mode wasn't "cash" it affected.
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Brittany McGrath
Hi Edwin, I have contacted you directly regarding your question. Thank you....
22:50 29 Nov 2022
Aldevinas Katkus
Same with 2022-10-22 version. My guess somewhere a wrong function is used to get the exe directory:
08:57 29 Nov 2022