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Ibrahim Bashir
Operating system: Windows

I have a customer working in medical supplies.
they import medical tools and sell it to hospitals.

they get sometimes sample goods from the suppliers and they give these goods to hospital for free.
they use weighted average as a cost valuation model, and they want those free samples not to decrease the normal stock value.

for example
lets suppose they have 0 balance of item x
they purchase 10 peices of thise item of 15 price per unit, total is 150, and they get 5 peices as a free sample (zero cost), now the weighted average will be 150/(10+5) = 10
they want to keep the weighted everage 15 and not to be affected by the free samples.

is there any way to do this in SERP?


//IBR 2024-02-18
Aldevinas Katkus
Move (it's probably too late unless they have serial numbers and cost per serial number is ON) those samples to a separate location. If "Queued Cost Model per location"/"Weighted average per location" is ON, then probably it should work.
We don't use average cost model though.
Tendai Mataranyika
Ibrahim Bashir kindly confirm if your issue was resolved.
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