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Operating system: Windows
Hi there,

When you look at Browse Filtering, can we request that any searches look at both the start of a text string and, at the same time, within a text string. We would also like this search to feature on “Paste-Special” windows as well as Browse windows i.e. Paste-special to contacts from a purchase invoice and be able to search for suppliers starting with and that contain a text string.


Best wishes

Carolina Valentino
Browse Filtering is no longer supported
Applies to all versions created after 2020-05-28

The browse filtering feature was never fully supported and thus only existed in System>>Settings>>Optional Features.

It was recently decided to not support this feature at all until a full design review is done as the current design is not suitable for most of our customers that actually have a need for it.

Changes made:
1. The checkbox to activate it in Optional Features has been removed
2. Systems that currently have this enabled will have it automatically disabled when they update to a version created after 2020-05-28
Piotr Wycichowski
When this feature will be redesigned?
Hi Piotr!

This is still not a supported feature and we are not sure if it will be with this design. However, you can activate browse filtering per register in Technics>>Settings>>Register search mode. You need to specify register and choose "filtering" mode.

Keep in mind that this might cause slowness in the system as it is a unsupported feature.

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