Gastón Salomone

I have a requirement in one Project to put an image in a Document.
The problem is that the Image should change depending on some data in the register, so Its not posible to set a filename in Picture box in Document designer.

I managed to set a blank filename in a Picture box and use OutFormImage(XXXVc) to pass a picture attach to XXXVc Register. The problem is that XXXVc must be the same on which the document is based.
Por example, if I´m printing an Invoice, I must attach a picture to every Invoice and use OutFormImage(IVr).

Is there any code to set filename dinamically ?

There are several different images, so there is no posibility to create one Document for each image, because If any change is requiered in the document design, t must be done in all documents manually.

Omar Dottin
Hi Gaston! Thanks for sending in this question. I will look into this and get back to you with a solution. Thanks!

HW Support
Omar Dottin
Hi Gaston,

We have a functionality where on invoices, orders, etc, we can print pictures of the items in the rows.

- You can add a Picture to the Form Template, no picture name, Format = 1, Row Height = same as the other row fields, tick "Fit to Frame" (don't remember the exact name)

- It's best to make the Row Height a bit bigger in all the rows, otherwise the picture will be small

- The picture files should be in the correct proportion, width v height, otherwise "Fit to Frame" will distort them

This will allow dynamic selections of pictures on a per row basis. Maybe you can examine this type of code to use it for your project?

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks!
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