Standard ERP New User Licences
Hi there,

We have been having an issue with 2 of our customers and it has been going on for about a month now.

We ordered a new user for one customer but it appears as though the new user isn’t applied on the Hansa contract because when we apply for an enabler it sets the number of users to 3, they should have 4 users including the new user – we ordered the new user licence about a month ago now.

Hansa Customer code is: 4431036
Contract No is: 1444431747

A similar issue with another customer – they should have 4 users but for some reason when they get an enabler it sets them back to 3 users.

Hansa Customer Code: 24900162
Contract No: 1444431736

Our customers are getting increasingly frustrated as they’re having to find workarounds to operating with reduced number of users.
As I say, it’s been over a month now, can you let us know when this will be remedied.



Giuseppe L.
Hello Dave,
thank you for reaching out to us with your support request.

Please try to get the enabler for both the customer one more time.
Best Regards,

Hansaworld Italy
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