RecordSave() crashes
Aldevinas Katkus
Operating system: Windows
version 8.5 2021-04-18 (build 85360453)

I cannot figure out why
NewContactCUDsmRemote() crashes in my import procedure, but it does not if I create subcontact manually.
I am using this in the Periodic Task.

I digged out to the CUVcRecordDefaults() which uses
wn = CurWindow;
if (wn!=5) then begin
CUr.CustCat = CSb.DefCustCat;

I thought, CurWindow does not work in the background thread and If I use RecordClear(ContactCUr) instead of RecordNew(ContactCUr) in the NewContactCUDsmRemote() I would get rid of this crash, but it did not help. Export-import did not help either.

updating function Boolean NewContactCUDsmRemote(record CUVc CUr,var record CUVc ContactCUr)
lCUr.Code = ContactCUr.Code;
if (ReadFirstMain(lCUr,1,true)==false) then begin
LogText(0,"NewContactCUDsmRemote 3 will store ContactCUr.Code=" & ContactCUr.Code);
if (RecordStore(ContactCUr,false)) then begin
LogText(0,"NewContactCUDsmRemote store success");//never executes

end else begin
LogText(0,"NewContactCUDsmRemote fail");//never executes

and the results in the log are:

2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) NewContactCUDsmRemote 3 will store ContactCUr.Code=AK5
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) Damaged database: D4DiskStore dvp!=gp->MasterDVp
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) D4DiskStore
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) dump of call stack
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) 0000000008769C90 + 2452 halpatch\CUVcWActionTool.hal: NEWCONTACTCUDSMREMOTE
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) Damaged database: D4DiskStore failed
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) fide = CUVc
2022-01-27 18:28:10 /THREAD(14) D4SegmentStore failed

same with 2021-12-28 version, except the last line in the log is
2022-01-27 18:48:13 /THREAD(13) holding wrong DV

Aldevinas Katkus
the same procedure works if I use tecnics>>settings>>Timed Operations>>Background tasks>>Hal routine and crashes if I use NewPeriodicTask2() to run the same procedure every 60/180 seconds (interval does not matter, crashes on the first run).
What I can see, RecordSave() is beging executed in both cases, but RecordStore(ContactCUr,false) fails with crash in Periodic task.

Any ideas why this happens?

With tecnics>>settings>>Timed Operations>>Background tasks>>Hal routine:
2022-01-28 12:12:22 MyNewContactCUDsmRemote 2 GetNextCustNr=AK5

2022-01-28 12:12:22 MyNewContactCUDsmRemote 3 will store ContactCUr.Code=AK5
2022-01-28 12:12:22 CUVcRecordSave AK5
2022-01-28 12:12:22 MyNewContactCUDsmRemote store success

With periodic tasks:
2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) MyNewContactCUDsmRemote 2 GetNextCustNr=AK5
2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) MyNewContactCUDsmRemote 3 will store ContactCUr.Code=AK5
2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) CUVcRecordSave AK5
2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) Damaged database: D4DiskStore dvp!=gp->MasterDVp

2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) D4DiskStore

2022-01-28 11:44:37 /THREAD(13) dump of call stack

David Delač
Hi Aldevinas,

Please create a bug report containing text backup, halcust and steps to reproduce the issue and let me know when It's done. I have to debug it myself to get better idea of what could be wrong.

Best Regards,
David D.
Aldevinas Katkus
I could not repeat it in a separate hal.

I am not sure what I did so it does not crash anymore. It could be I made a queued function call like this:

external updating procedure IVImportIn();

procedure DoIVImportTask(string args)

queued.IVImportIn; //call a function which has some qupdating function calls


procedure InitIVImportTask()
//used to crash in NewContactCUDsmRemote() when used as Periodic Task: Damaged database: D4DiskStore dvp!=gp->MasterDVp D4DiskStore

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