Using RunReport to pdf makes ugly pdf
Kristaps Žogots
Operating system: macOS
Linux server. If we execute following code (it runs Profit & Loss report to pdf file):

RepSpec.repname = "ResRn";
RepSpec.Media = mtPdf;

it will end up with a different format (bad looking - wrong fonts, no left margin) comparing to what you would get if you run the report from client with Media type Pdf.

The only big difference that I see is that running to media from rep. specification window is using the client, but my example code runs on server.

The question is: is it possible to run the report to pdf from HAL on server and get a good looking pdf (as if we create it from rep. specification window media pdf)?
Yavuz Yigiterhan
Hello. We are checking for your question. Thank you.
David Delač
Hello Kristaps!

It's difficult to say. Can you report a bug with steps to repeat so that me or some other programmer can debug it?

Best Regards,
David D.
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