Full solution for loan giving / financing
Eberstein Business Solutions
Operating system: macOS
We have developed a unique and market-only solution, combining in one system all functionalities required for FinTech companies by developing a new module. Solution is fully developed on Standard ERP by HansaWorld system, allowing to use all the standard modules and benefits – such as front end self-service WEB portal, CRM with workflow overview, Emailing, full bookkeeping, different integrations etc.

The financing module includes two main blocks of functionalities:
1. Application management – registration, credit risk evaluation, automated tasks depending on statuses, integration with workflow and self-service portal, digital document signing etc.
2. Agreement management – support different loan / financing products, such as bullet loans, linear loans, annuity, leasing, factoring, payment guarantee and others with full integration with CRM and workflow overview, automated invoicing, different functionalities for exceptional cases, such as refinancing, prolongation, pausing etc.

Our investigation shows that we are in the known markets only provider able to offer in a single solution all the functionalities required for FinTech companies with highest level of automation. We find that our solution is a perfect match for companies working in loan giving / financing, just as insurance, debt collection, and other FinTech companies.

We see 2 sales channels how it could be offered:
1. For existing customers who either already now have as a part of their business any kind of financing for example leasing or factoring.
2. Selling to new customers who are in the business of loan giving / financing.

We are offering:
1. Fully support you in the sales process
2. Do first implementations online together with you and afterwards, allow you to sell and implement the solution on your own
3. Support you in maintaining and evolving the product if required

We are happy to demonstrate the solution — to schedule online presentation, contact us on: info@ebersteins.com
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