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Sanjay Parbhoo

I have a customer who has marked some companies as inactive for users who do not need to access that company. For example USA Ltd and UK Ltd and users in the uk should only UK Ltd in the company list.

This is being overridden when the user signs in. The settings from the server are being sent to the client.

I assume this is a new "feature". Please could you let me know how its possible to keep the client side company setting


Tomas J.

please provide more info, what users are they, global or not.

If its not global user, then it cannot have access to company, except if user is created in Person register. If user has to have access to only one company then you define user only in particular company. If its a global user then it can access to all companies.

More info here:

Sanjay Parbhoo
Hi Tomas

Let me explain by an example.

Using SERP sample data, uk data, setup client server.
Login as SJ in the company
Open System>>Registers>>Companies
Change the company name to TEST
Change the SHORT code to TEST
Login again

Issue: The changes made above has been lost.

Please explain why this is.

The explanation for this will answer my question, i.e the server is syncing all company register details to all clients (including inactive status). Basically not possible to exclude certain companies from the select company list for certain clients

Pijus Juodis

You should add enabler EnNoCompListSync (empty file) in order for companies on the client not to sync with the server.

Best regards,
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