Android Client

Can anyone explain how to get a working Android client.

I have downloaded and tested on version 4, 5, 6 and still getting the Fetal error that is logged and the english/AllWindows.hal file being too large.

Our programmers can fix this but the issue is potential clients are unable to download a working client and it is starting to affect us as customer have no confidence that we can support Android.

Any suggestions on how to address this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Kindest regards,
Erik Munoz
Hi Wayne, I just installed now 8.3 2017-07-16 version on an Android 5 (version downloaded from and no problem.


Is version 5 the official version HW supports as devices are now on version 6 and 7 here. Checked my phone and it is version 6.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Some more permanent fix. Neil, our senior programmer says it is the number of languages the client supports. He tells me if he removed some of the HAL for countries the client will wok but it is more of a issue for clients who we wish to send to the site to download and test.

Is there anything easier to do and get this working?

Thanks in advance
Erik Munoz

We support all those android versions, I'm not aware of the issues you mentioned. Have you tried with different devices or only with your phone?

Sometimes it happens in a specific device because there is not enough space or other particular issues with the device, but not related with the version.

It happened with all phones I have tried and my client also tested on his and got the same error. I have never seen this client work without adjusting the HAL for that module. I have tried for 3 years now and I see some people working in it so now I have given up and that is why I am asking.

I have tested Samsung, Motorola, Black Berry (latest Android models). Zebra handhelds, Panasonic tablets.

All have given me the same error message to date.
Uninstalled and reinstalled and it works so I think I was trying too old a version. Only issue is now the client does not come with a demo database and you have to connect to a server.

Does HansaWorld have a demo server running for customers to try the software against?
Erik Munoz
Hi Wayne,

Yes, that is correct, the android client needs to be connected to a server. In the server we do have a sample database located in Standard ERP/Sample folder.


So we got this going. Had to modify the Windows.HAL file on our server to remove a lot of the extra support for various countries so the HAL would run. That is a bit of an issue as you need HAL fixed by default.

Client is working but not stable.

Browse windows seem to work well as I can browse quotes, orders, items, contacts, etc.

Inspects not working well. I am unable to scroll to the end of the Inspect window (Quotes, invoices, Orders), it stops scrolling after a "split second". I can go back to the Browse window without issue so the application is not hung up.

Item Inspects, however, hang the application and I can only kill the app and restart after attempting to view an item inspect. eMail browses and inspects work well however. I can even reply to email successfully.

I also noticed that if you Logout and then Quit the app, it remains running in the back ground.

Any comments on if these are bugs or server side configuration issues, etc???
Erik Munoz
Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your comments, yes there are some bugs with android devices, like the one scrolling down in the browse window (when there is a lot of information) or sometimes in the inspect window as you mentioned, they have been reported already and we will try to have the fix soon.

Best Regards!

ok. thanks for feedback. I will test on next release.
Hi Erik,

As promised I tested on the new 8.4 release of December 2017. Android client still hands just trying to scroll down a list of quotations on Android 6.0.1.

I noticed that SERP now has great support for hiding normal fields and renaming fields and yes that is a great little feature but I do wish you guys would focus on having a real Android client.

I am constantly falsely reporting to customers that we have it and very soon I am going to run out of places to hide as this will catch up to me. Android devices in North America are now on all newer scanning devices and tables and ELO released in the last quarter a POS terminal running Android.

I just do not know why but do we truly intend to support Android or are we just happy to say we can run on Android.

As Cannabis moves into the realm of legal here in North America SERP is poised to bring a real solutions to that very lucrative market but with the promise of support (working running software) for Android is not yet there we will not survive and our competitors will catch and beat us soon. I am working with one of the largest distributors of POS hardware in North America but they wish to see the proof before they hand over leads. They have seen SERP at work on PC's and waiting to see us on Tablets and scanners.

Comments please as I cannot get it working well enough to get anyone's attention.

Anxiously awaiting a working Android client.

Erik Munoz
Hello Wayne,

Thanks a lot for ur comments, we are aware of the issues we have on android and we are working on getting these fixed, actually this week we have a development camp specially to improve the system on android and iOS devices.
How you can always help, is reporting bugs in the proper way through the partner portal, so we can identify the issues easily and work faster on them.

Once again, thanks for your feedback

Erik Munoz
Hi Erik,

Thanks for the offer but with the lack of a working product it feels more like we are doing development work and not reseller work where it a acceptable for us to pass back the odd bug.

As it stands we are out there selling software that does not exist and we have now been called on it. Looking to Fulcrum to build interfaces and we can integrate to SERP with the real time interface kit so that customers will not catch on in the beginning. Hoping to give your team time to deliver something usable.

Bye for now,
Swati D.
Created bywdinzey@dpdsoftware.ca00:21 17 Jan 2018
Hi Erik, Thanks for the offer but with the lack of a working product it feels more like we are doing development work and not reseller work where it a acceptable for us to pass back the odd bug. As it stands we are out there selling software that does n
Dear Wayne

Compliments of the Season :)
Happy New Year 2018!

Thank you for the above message, contents are noted.

As per Erik’s message the bugs you mention are already noted and being fixed during development camp.

Unfortunately due to other pressing demands we had to change prioritization of these fixes.

However in the event of a sales stopper we are able to escalate and get these prioritized

Now that you have reported the potential opportunity to the USA office, we will get back to you asap with when you can expect this fixed.

Thanks for the follow up Swati. Here is the state and you can decide if this is urgent.

Started chatting with the guy at Bluestar USA who is tasked with selling Zebra HW and needed solutions but when he saw a flavour of what we can do extended the invite to the guy at Bluestar who is responsible for pushing HW into Manufacturing and Distribution in general. email invite for presentation that has been completed (this is the group I am sending the case studies to).

-----Original Message-----
Sent: December-14-17 12:07 PM
Cc: Duane Roebuck; Wayne Dinzey
Subject: Join my GoMeetNow session: Purplesoft presentation to Bluestar

Hi all

We presented SERP/PSM to Duane on Tuesday, and agreed as a result to widen the presentation to include you - given the manufacturing features in the software, and our commitment to Bluestar in general and Zebra in particular. Here is the invitation to the session - we had a couple of glitches with this technology, but hopefully it will behave for this session. We can always switch across to Skype if there is a problem.

1. Please join my GoMeetNow session, Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 1PM CST.

Meeting ID: 1045-8600
Meeting Password: No password needed

Feb 13 - CannaCon Seattle - Bluestar American needs to be convinced that SERP can cover grow operations to manufacturing and distribution to dispensary on Zebra products. We are currently "HALing" the system into a fit to the industry. Needs Android support for the fields where data is collected at the plant.

Feb 20 - lunch meeting with Bluestar Canada. in the meantime they are sending us the equipment below - I have asked for Android (that is the unit being used in all semi-rugged environments)

From: Michel Gendron []
Sent: January-17-18 3:19 PM
Subject: Seed units

Hi Wayne,

1- For the MC3200, do you want Windows CE7 or Android?
2- For the Printer ZD620 (replacing the GX420) here is the SKU: ZD62042-T01F00EZ
3- For our meeting, does Monday the 20th for lunch ok with you?


Michel Gendron | Canada Brand and Product Business Development Manager - Zebra | BlueStar Canada
T: 800-317-2323 x 5528 | M: | F: 514-344-1687 | SKYPE: |

6830 Côte-de-Liesse | Montreal | QC | H4T 2A1 | Canada

This last guy is flying in from Quebec to meet with me.

So please pardon me if I say that I cannot trust that HansaWorld will not let me down again. After 4 years and the App has progressed to now being able to start up and let me login and read the screen with promises of a team who will fix this.. sounds familiar? DPD must do something that can be delivered to clients today, promises are no longer cutting it - so we are finding way to fake it until you catch up. Can you catch this boat? Let me know.

Remember I am always proud to be a reseller of SERP but that is what I aspire to be, the best reseller you have in this market! Resellers need working products to sell, not promises of product. Got to run.

Bye for now,

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