field missing OrdDate
Aldevinas Katkus
Operating system: Windows
A very strange issue. I am getting
Error in line:
Error 1:Field missing: OrdDate

for the code

ORr.OrdDate = StringToDate(ImportField);
ORr.PlanShip = ORr.OrdDate;
ORr.SerNr = NextSerNr("ORVc",ORr.OrdDate,-1,false,"");

OrdDate is present in ORVc, I even check export/import format report.

Any ideas?
Aldevinas Katkus
Note that compiler does not complain about preceding lines with ORr.OrdDate.
David Delač
Hi Aldevinas,

I suggest to create a bug report in our Issue Tracker and attach HAL code that is causing compile errors. Just looking at your code I don't see anything wrong with it so it likely should be investigated.

Best Regards,
David Delač
Aldevinas Katkus
Sorry, please ignore this message, there was a typo error.
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