Print many Contact labels to one PDF
Module CRM - Forms - Contact Labels
In SERP 6.4 all printed labels was connected to one print job or one PDF when I send print to preview on macOs client. And I had one PDF with many pages with labels.
Now (if Form Template setting has Printer Dialog checkbox) for any new page generate new printer dialog window and prints only one page. If I send print to PDF - generate many one-paged pdf.

How can I do many-paged label PDF by settings or maybe HAL?
Giuseppe L.
Hello Vadym and thank you for reaching out to us with your enquiry.
The behaviour you described looks to be a bug, but an PM of ours will check and come back with additional indications.

Best regards.
HansaWorld Italy
Martins Gulbis

I tested the provided scenario, it does seem to be a bug. Please report and paste the bug header here, I will verify the problem and have it assigned.

Best regards,

HansaWorld Latvija
Hello. I create issue in bagreport page: "Labels printing to one PDF"
Martins Gulbis
Thank you!

I verified and asked a Development manger to assign the issue to a programer.

Best Regards,

HansaWorld Latvija
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